Sunday, September 15, 2013

Providing Good Council

It's been awhile, but between the hussle and bussle I've managed to get painting in still, and now am sitting on a new update, albeit a quick one.

Today I present my Seer Council, consisting of 5 Jetlocks. When paired with a Farseer and the Baron these 5 add a lot of tactical flexibility to the army as well as forming a mini-deathstar. The Conceal power combined with the Baron gives the whole bar the Baron himself a 2+ cover save on the move, and their other various powers all have a part to play. In the past getting +1 armour save has surely kept my Council alive, +1 strength has seen more than one tank explode, and -3 leadership for the enemy has won me more than one game. The duality of the powers gives perfect flexibility, and the real trick to the Council is learning when to use the Blessings and when to use the Maledictions.

These guys took a bit of time to paint, as I've been rather busy as of late. Because of this there haven't been many updates, so last night I quickly snapped some pics of these guys after finishing them. The pics as such aren't of great quality, but and update is still an update, so here they are. Should have another update soon with my finished Hornets, and hopefully more.

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