Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guardians of Craftworld Yveltal

We're almost there, only one more post away from the completed NWG ABF army (after this post of course). Today I'm just bringing together the last piece of the army, the Guardian Defenders that make up the majority of my Troops.

These guys got a solid boost in the new Codex, getting bumped to BS4. Having Rending attached to their guns was also nice, making them a real threat to elite infantry squads, but more importantly, Battle Focus did a good bit to slightly mitigate the downside of their short range. Now don't get my wrong, they still squish like a bug when you look at them, but if they can get into some solid cover they can hold out due to numbers and return fire, though that being said, they will rarely be a priority target in my list.

Another aspect of building armies that I've never really delved into before, but which helped me immensely when planning my board, was writing the fluff of the army. I normally don't think too much about it, but when making the board I really didn't know what to do, and felt if I knew where the army was coming from and what makes them themselves then I'd know a natural environment to put them in rather than dropping them in 'Generic 40k Backdrop E'. And so Craftworld Yveltal was born.

Craftworld Yveltal is an old Craftworld, and highly secluded. They are an Eldar society that never truly let go of the days before The Fall. Furthermore, over the millennia of battling the Imperium they have suffered heavy loses, and now their Craftworld is dying. Due to these two factors which have heavily effected their lives, the Eldar of Craftworld Yveltal have dedicated their lives to collecting powerful and often unstable energy sources in order to restore their Craftworld to its old glory, with the ultimate goal being to eventually return to their home world and restore it.

The energy these Eldar seek is usually found in abandoned industrial ruins or on lost starships. Most commonly old Imperial Manufactorums and other old buildings of industry are seeked out as they often still contain energy silos that were not removed for one reason or another. When lucky, they may find Eldar ruins, where they know even more powerful energy can be found. As a rule, they try and get in and out quietly and quickly, however should this not be possible no mercy is withheld for any witnesses. The scarce few that have seen these raiding parties and lived to tell often call them Tech Hunters.

The Craftworld Yveltal Eldar prefer to use corsair style hit and run tactics in battle, and heavily favour the use of skimmers and jetbikes, as these are tools that they are used to functioning during their raids. Confidence and precision are defining traits of the Yveltal fighting style, and the energy they acquire is sometimes used in their technology, helping sustain the advanced Holo-Fields they equip to their skimmers. As time goes on, the Craftworld becomes more powerful and more life flows through it. It is only a matter of time before they are ready, and begin the long journey home.

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