Monday, May 27, 2013

Call to Disorder

As anyone who reads this blog would know, I haven't played a lot of Fantasy in a long time, focusing mostly on 40k and more recently Blood Bowl. Well not so long ago this changed with the release of the latest installment of Warriors of Chaos. Having played Chaos since they were crap and finally getting a break with their rise to dominance in 8th edition, it was nice to see the new book maintain that power level but by means of lots of powerful units rather than one powerful unit full of shenanigans.

The big winner obviously seems to be the Daemon Prince, and after God knows how many editions of being the worst model in the army it's nice to finally see the other side of the coin. As I've played again over the last few weeks to nail down a list and get a grip on the game once more, he became an instant star in all of my lists and has pulled his weight and more in most of the games I've played.

So far I've managed to get games in against 3 Vampire Counts armies, 2 Skaven armies, 2 High Elf armies (new AB), a Daemon army, and an Empire army, and so far the book has rode a solid record of 6 wins, 1 draw, and 2 loses (both to the new High Elves). Though the list has been different in every single game overall the main stars have been the Nurgle Daemon Prince, the Nurgle Gorebeast Chariots, and the Trolls.

To cap off this revitalised period of WHFB I have my first tournament in nearly two years coming up here in Limerick at Conclave. As I've said above I've been practicing a lot to nail down a list I am happy with, and though I'm confident in the current incarnation, the deadline isn't for another few weeks and so I've got some time to play around with it more.

More frantic however is painting. With a possible 10 points going for painting it is a nifty little advantage to have and so I've been painting a lot to get the army into tip top condition (mostly new models). Below is my finished Daemon Prince and a Gorebeast Chariot all converted and painted to a standard I am pleased with. These give a good taste of what's to come for now; more pictures to come soon, so stay tuned!