Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Skimmed Over the Serpent's Nest

The time is almost upon us; NWG is only 5 days away. That means only 5 days left to paint. Thankfully all I left to do is finish my Guardians and finish my board. Of course if you are keeping track that means that I finished both Wave Serpents this week. Not only that but I also made a big start on the board; right now all that's left is some sand, and then a date between me, the board an some spray cans.

As for the Serpents, I know I normally give a tactical summary of the unit in question, but with Wave Serpents there is not much to say. They are without a doubt one of the top units in the game right now, and there is little subtely to them; they go on the field and say 'fuck you' to cover while showing the enemy what MC Hammer is all about. There really is little more to say that anyone who has faced them or used them wouldn't already know, because they have made that much of an impression on the meta in my opinion.

As for my own Serpents, you have already seen the first one a few weeks back, so now I present the final two, and I swear there are two even if they look that similar. Some close-ups of one of the pilots and turrets as well. Finally, as a teaser, I've uploaded some WIPs of the display board, which should soon be done, so stay tuned for the final army shots and list.


  1. We can definitely see they are two different Serpents, one's guns are not level with each other!
    Looking good (for elves that is)

  2. Getting close, eldar are looking sweet. Board looks promising dude.