Monday, October 4, 2010


Only 5days left until the tournament and things are progressing albeit at a slow enough pace. I got the Knight finished and repainted the cloaks of his buddies and now I am down to the last unit; the Marauder Horde. With the front rank done, and the Ogre unit filler already painted that leaves 36 more Marauders to go. 23 are currently on my desk in the middle of a speed painting session while the other 13 lie in the case awaiting the arrival of their heads!

One thing this experience has thought me so far is speed painting sucks. My back and neck ache, and I've only been here 2hrs! That being said, I am happy with the standard of results so far; crazy old me being the typical perfectionist decided he just had to try and speed paint the unit to full detail standard like the rest of the army rather than settling for tabletop quality until the tourney is over. Clearly I'm way in over my head, but who knows, it might actually work out.

Outside of the army, I assembled the Flagellants and half the Knights for my Empire army as well as a converted Mortar and my Life Wizard (what's that about distractions?). I also just applied the final layer of water effects to the Charnel Pit (8th one I think). I'd rather like more layers but unfortunately the moonscape piece it is built into isn't deep enough. At least 98% or so of the bodies are submerged. Pictures along with snaps of everything else once I fix the camera.

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