Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practice makes perfect (or as close as you can get)

Got two more games in last night in practice for the tournament and both against lists that are also going to be competing.

First game was against Lizardmen; Battleline. Started off strong getting through the Chameleons and Kroxigor but I knew not to get confident as Lizardmen was probably my toughest match-up to beat. Set-up the Stegadon for redirection but completely botched up the distance between the Hound screen and the building nearby so the Stegadon had just enough room to charge through to my Knights. Irresistable Dwellers Below crippled my horde significantly which left me reeling as the Lizardmen also took out the Horsemen leaving the western flank open to them. I gambled on rolling high for magic using the Third Eye of Tzeentch to cast Dwellers Below on the Slann bunker. Got irresistable and killed the Slann along with 7 Temple Guard. The Nurgle Knights broke through the eastern flank easily, but my Hellcannon rampaged and missed charging the Stegadon by an inch meaning it would suffer the impact hits otherwise avoided by charging. The Saurus horde got into the building my Warriors and Lord were occupying. At this point the whole game became about this combat as nothing else outside of it died. Eventually his Oldblood killed my Lord but the Warriors held fast. The game ended a 13-7 to the Lizardmen.

Second game was against High Elves; Blood and Glory, in particular an army that caused me my only massacre loss in 8th edition so it was going to be tough. First turn he irresistabled Dwellers against my Marauder horde almost halving it. On the eastern flank he shot out my Horsemen and in the centre my Hounds. I set-up the Dragon Princes on the western flank, pinning them in place with Hounds, leaving the Knights 10" away so he would feel confident enough to take the bait but would need a lot of luck to follow through; a risk I was willing to take. Horde and Warriors moved up the centre. Khorne Knights lost 2 men to dangerous terrain coming down on the east. Managed the irresistable Dwellers on his mage bunker and took out his Level 1 and 4 Phoenix Guard but failed to get the Level 4. Dragon Princes took the bait and overran 9" so got charged by the Knights. Horde charged the Swordsmasters and rolled double 1. Khorne Knights charged and were shot down. Nurgle Knights and BSB cut down all of the Dragon Princes and ran down the lord, exposing their flank (rules question; can you test to reform at this point like when the enemy flees as a charge reaction?). Swordsmen forwent the Knights flank to hit the Horde in order to stop the Horde from reigning free on the High Elf battleline next turn. Both RBTs fired single shot into the Knights' flank but I had previously cast Flesh to Stone on them so both failed to wound. Irresistable Dwellers took out 6 Warriors but they held fast. Swordsmasters ploughed through the horde but not without losing all but two of their number and the BSB. In the subsequent magic phase the Chaos Sorcerer enleashed Flickering Fire and Gateway successfully at them killing all three and ending the game as the High Elf fortitude was reduced to two. A 16-4 victory for the forces of Chaos.

Also managed a 20-0 against Dwarfs on Monday night in Dawn Attack. So now it's back yet again to painting.


  1. Did Dave Butler not massacre you with Dwarves in 8th ed?

  2. First game we played back in July he did, after that I've butchered him every time. I had a big brainfart that first day and forgot that war machines actually are a huge threat :)