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NWG 2010 - A time of Chaos - Game 3

Game 3, table 6, Meeting Engagement. Looking at Derek's list I wasn't as confident as I normally would have been against Ogres as he had the right tools to make this hard for me; fast moving Ironguts to crush my Knights, Scraplauchers for taking out the horde and possibly KB'ing my Knights, and the Gorger coming on backfield to stop the Hellcannon from shooting as well as more KB madness should he manage to intercept the Knights. His list was as follows:

Heavy Armour, Thundermace, Talisman of Preservation

Warrior Bane, Ironcurse Icon, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Endurance

BSB, Heavy Armour, Crown of Command, Gold Sigil Sword


8x Ironguts

Standard Bearer, Bellower, Banner of Swiftness

9x Bulls
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Ironfists

9x Bulls
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Ironfists

33x Gnoblars

20x Gnoblars


For spells I rolled Flcikering Fire, Pandaemonium, Treason and Gateway (on fire with getting the good four spells). Took Fireball once again on the Level 1. It should be noted for this section of the report that my maps aren't very accurate as the diagonal deployment threw off my recollection considerably. Either way, below is deployment including my vanguards. His Scraplaucher and a unit of 20 Gnoblars were held in reserve as was my Exalted Hero.


Turn 1

The Ogres secured first turn and began with the Gnoblars and Scraplaucher moving onto the board. An immediate charge from the Ironguts saw the Horsemen in trouble. I stood and shot since either way they would be slowed down and not that far out of position. Everything else manuvered and tried to pin me down. Magic wasn't very impressive thanks to a low Winds of Magic roll and the positioning of the Slaughtermaster. One Scraplaucher hit the Warriors but saves were made while the other scattered far, only killing a Hound. In combat the Horsemen were easily killed off and the unit reformed to face my lines.


The Chaos turn started with the Exalted Hero coming onto the field as the Hellcannon managed to be restrained. The forces of destruction manuvered around using the Hounds to attempt to block the Ogre charge paths and hopefully bait for a counter-charge, holding the Nurgle Knights back and hiding the Khorne Knight behind the building to hit the flank should the Tyrant's unit come through to charge the Marauders (who had failed to charge the Tyrant's unit). The remaining Horsemen made a beeline along the Ogre table edge to try charge the Scraplaucher next turn.

Magic proved fruitious with a Bull (from the rearmost unit) and an Irongut being taken out with two more wounds to a second Irongut. The Hellcannon reared for an impressive shot by disappointed the crowd by blowing up instead.


Turn 2

Not falling for the Chaos trickery the Tyrant ordered his unit to move into the building instead of charging, while the lowly Gnoblars instead attacked the Chaos Khorne Knights. The Bulls still didn't want to chance a long charge on the Nurgle Knights so just moved in closer instead, while the rearmost Bulls turned to go after the Marauders. Meanwhile the smaller Gnoblar unit continued to move toward the fighting.

Magic managed to kill off the Hounds but nothing more. Shooting was more successful with the Scraplauchers collectively killing about 18 Maruaders. Predictably in combat the Knights slaughtered tens of Gnoblars while taking no wounds in return, but the steadfast greenskins held.


Dspite being flattened the remaining Marauders charged at the Tyrant occupied building while the Horsemen charged the Scraplauncher in the flank. The Chaos Warriors also charged the Gnoblars in the flank. The Hounds remained still as the Hero moved closer to the army, and the Nurgle Knights failed a charge on the Bulls by about an inch.

Magic only got up a Pandaemonium. In combat the Horsemen did 3 wounds to the SCraplauncher for none in return and broke it though they failed to catch it. In the building combat 4 Marauders were cut down however 2 Ironguts were killed thus winning the combat for the Maruaders though the Ogres held their position. In the final combat the one-sided affair ended as pracdicted with the Gnoblars being wiped out and the two Chaos units reforming to better facings.


Turn 3

The Ogre made a gambit for blood and charged the Nurgle Knights with both the Scraplauncher and the Bulls. The other Bulls charged the Marauders also. eanwhile the second Scraplauncher fled the field as the remaining Gnoblars moved in toward the fight. Magic saw a +1T spell getting off on the Tyrant's unit, wounding the Slaughtermaster. In combat the Mark of Nurgle showed its use as the Ogres struggled to land blows and only managed to kill a single Knight; not a fitting revenge for the 10 wounds dealt by the Knights previously. Both Ogre units broke with Bulls being caught and the Scraplauncher getting away. In the Bulls-Marauders combat the Bulls killed 7 Marauders for 6 wounds in return and the combat brewed on.

Note: The map is wrong for this one, showing only 4 surviving Bulls when there should be a second rank.


The Nurgle Knights started the Chaos turn charging and catching the remaining Scraplauncher while the Warriors manuvered back toward the remaining Ogres. They were then joined by the Exalted Hero who had come on in reserve at the start of the game. The Hounds moved around the building for better options and the Horsemen dawdled forgetting it was their turn. Magic managed to kill off another 1-2 Ironguts before combat in which the Bulls killed another 5 Marauders who failed to perform thanks to losing their frenzy last round; they only did 2 wounds, though held yet again.


Turn 4

The Ogres' only move this turn was to rear charge the Marauders with the Gnoblars. Magic saw the previous +1T spell go down and so the Slaughtermaster put up a new one, taking another wound. He tried to heal the wound but failed. In combat a few Gnoblars went down but the Marauders were hacked down to just 2 men and were broken and caught (the Bulls failing to restrain pursuit).


Not willing to rely on magic too much the Khorne Knights charged the building hoping their flaming attacks could oust the Ogres. The Warriors also hit the flank of the Bulls while the Horsemen and Nurgle Knights came back around toward the battle. Magic was pitiful with the Gnoblars the only possible target for Gateway. In combat the Bulls were easily butchered and cut down, though the Ironguts faired better, hanging on despite suffering casualties for none in return.


Turn 5

With the climax of the battle closing in the Gnoblars legged it while the Slaughtermaster pupped out as much magic as he could to earn points, succeeding in killing a Knight, though losing his +1T test. At this point Derek remembered his Gorger which we had both forgotten all game. In the end however he got insta-fried by Gateway.

The Khorne Knights charged back into the building, and the Sorcerer Lord managed to fry the Gnoblars with a combined arms assault of Flickering Fire and Fireball. The Knights were fortunate that only a single Irongut remained thus the Bruiser and Slaughtermaster finally entered the fight with the Slaughtermaster drawing the short straw and choking it and the Knights managing to pass their saves.


Turn 6

Tension boiled as the Ogre phase was rendered moot due to the lack of magic, drawing the Chaos turn and the final turn of the game in early. In a last display of fireworks the Chaos Sorcerers managed to draw up a full arsenal of 12 power dice and cast Fireball, Flickering Fire and Gateway all successfully into the building. Despite the barrage however the Tyrant and BSB both survived the affair with a single wound each.



Talk about a proper fight! Combats from turn 1 and in every turn there-in apart from Ogre turn 6. Exploding Hellcannons, flying spoons, and Gnoblar shaped jewelry for the Chaos Steeds' horseshoes; this game had all the things a Chaos-Ogres fight should have.
In hindsight I think I played the game well and my choices worked out, though I wonder might it have been better to assault the building with the Khorne Knights a turn earlier. Equally so I thought Derek played the game well also with the only decision I'd question being leaving the uber-killy unit in the building all-game; a mistake I often make with my Warriors as you may recall me stating earlier. That being said, the building really helped those Ogres survive even though they could have helped dish out the pain if played more aggressively.

Rules-wise I forgot to re-roll wounds in the last turn with my Fireball and Flickering Fire which may have killed those two characters, though this is counter balanced by us both playing the flee of the Marauders wrong; they should have ran from the Gnoblars and not the Bulls (thinking 7th ed. *facepalm*) and thus Derek's Bulls got stuck in a bad position. Also I have to attribute quite a bit to the Gorger being forgotten, alas his fate being so cruel and crispy.

All and all a top notch game as is always the case facing Jarvis. This 14-6 win put me up one table for the festivals of old friends to continue facing Rob Gleasure; it seems no tournament would be complete without me and Rob going toe-to-toe. Stay tuned.

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