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NWG 2010 - A time of Chaos - Game 1

Ok so I didn't check in exactly when I said I would, but better late than never right? Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend, possibly the best tournament I've attended and had 5 good games. Congrads to Nigel, Jarvis, and Fergus for a successful event; can't wait until next year.

Anyway, not being a spoil sport, I won't be telling you my standing right away; you'll have to bear with me and read the reports of the games to see how I did. Expectations were high and rightfully so after the previous years success. 34 players, 17 tables, and 14 different armies made for a variable and unpredictable weekend. I took my Chaos list which I had been practicing for the last few weeks; it can be found here. Keep in mind, the event ran under Timmy-comp with the loose guide lines of no Power Scrolls, no special characters, no triple special, no double rare (unless you are High Elves), and no more than five war machines (including things liek Steam Tanks and Anvils of Doom). Note no special terrain would be used at this event.

We arrived in Gorey early Saturday morning just in time to register, get some breakfast and head on for game 1. The draw had taken place the week before and I knew my first game would be against Chris Smith and his High Elves. High Elves had been a weak point for me in the past month so I was interested to see if I could overcome this when it mattered most. His list was roughly as follows:

Arch Mage [ Level 4 ]
Book of Hoeth, Lore of Death

BSB, Banner of the World Dragon, Dragon Armour???

Mage [ Level 2 ]
Seer Staff of Saphery, Lore of Shadow

~28x Phoenix Guard
Full Command

24x White Lions
Full Command, Ironcurse Icon

6x Shadow Warriors

~30x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields???

20x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command, Shields???


Note the question marks are only donated to items I assume he had but never got the find out for certain on. For Death he got Spirit Leech, Caress of Laniph, Fate of Bjuna, and Purple Sun, and for Shadow he chose Miasma and Pit of Shades. For my own spells my book keeper took the basic Fireball while the Lord rolled Flickering Fire, Pandaemonium, Treason of Tzeentch, and Infernal Gateway. This game was the watchtower scenario and Chris managed to secure it for the first turn, deploying the 20 LSG in it. That gave me the first turn of the game. Deployment can be seen in the diagram below including scouts and vanguards.


Turn 1

As the Chaos attack was sounded the Hellcannon managed to restrain its bloodlust. The Marauder horde made an immediate assault on the watchtower, eager to butcher some pointy ears. 3 of the barbarians were shot down on the charge but the frenzied berserkers cared not. On the flanks the respective Horsemen west to east made a bee-line for the RBT and Shadow Warriors. The western Hounds advanced toward to center at full pace while the Khorne Knights originally behind them moved out to the side to try a long charge on the RBT next turn if the Horsemen were not successful in taking it out or surviving long enough to charge themselves. The Nurgle Knights stayed behind the Hounds on their side for fear of a long charge from the White Lions, though the angled to attempt to hit the Phoenix Guard should the Hounds get picked off. The Warriors stayed in cover around the Marauders but close enough for the Lord to get off some spells.

Rolling only 5 dice for magic the Lord decided to go for broke early and threw them all at Gateway on the Phoenix Guard, successfully too. It was then that Chris revealed the Banner of the World Dragon, something I had suspected however I didn't want to allow suspicion alone to dictate my means of play. Shooting wasn't overly impressive initially with the Hellcannons shot at the 30 man Sea Guard going well wide, however the Marauders managed to take out an RBT crewman and 3 Shadow Warriors with their axes. In combat the Exalted Hero stepped forth to the doorway of the watchtower and bellowed a challenge to the champion of the Sea Guard within. The pointy ear follishy accepted and was promptly cut down. His unit managed to kill off 4 Marauders, but lost 6 more of their number in return. Though lose they may have, under the cover of their garrison they managed to hold fast.


No charges were declared by the High Elf forces but several manuvers were made. The LSG turned to face the oncoming enemies on the western flank, while the White Lions entered their forest, revealing it to be a regular wood. The Phoenix Guard also edged toward the building.

Magic was largely uneventful with spells either being dispelled or failing to result, with even the Purple Sun misfiring. Shooting saw the Shadow Warriors fell a Horseman, while a RBT and LSG combined attack wiped out the other unit of them completely. The LSG in the building took out four Hounds to the east, while the second RBT took out 3 from the other unit. With no combat the turn was over fast.


Turn 2

The Hellcannon was restrained once again as the Chaos forces retaliated against the High Elves. The Khorne Knights made a successful tactical charge against the RBT in the west and the Horsemen charged the Shadow Warriors who shot down one more Horseman on the way in. The Marauders also re-engaged the LSG in the tower. The 2 Hounds in the west failed a charge against the RBT in the centre also. The Nurgle Knights angled for a turn 3 charge against the PG while the lone Hounds moved up to redirect the White Lions if necessary. The Warriors shuffled slightly for better view and range.

Magic gave little dice again, and though a Flickering Fire got through and roasted 5 White Lions, Gateway was promptly dispelled. Shooting proved more successful as the Hellcannon landed a direct hit on the White Lions (one of only two hits it made all weekend!). The shot hit the remaining 19 Lions but between their Lion Cloak saves and the Ironcurse Icon wards, only 6 were killed.

In combat the forces of Chaos showed their combat prowess. The Marauders began by butchering 7 more LSG, though the last four held their ground. The Khorne Knights killed the RBT and overran into the LSG's flank. The Horsemen killed two Shadow Warriors for no wounds in return, and overran into the flank of the White Lions. Unfortunately two of their horses tripped up on roots and vines while running through, leaving only a single Horsemen to face the fearsome woodsmen.


Left in a bad position their was little the High Elves could do in thier second turn. The PG moved up toward the building and the Shadow Warrior failed to rally. Magic yielded some success with an irressitable Fate of Bjuna killing the Exalted Champion in the Marauder Horde; however the miscast killed a few PG. A Purple Sun also descended across the battlefield killing a Marauder and a Warrior despite 8 Warriors being hit; the Sorcerer Lord managed to dodge out of the way. The last of the Hounds were also shot down on both sides. Combats were one-sided affairs with the Lions easily butchering the last Horseman, while the Knights killed off ~8 LSG breaking the unit and running it down, and successfully charging into the RBT.


Turn 3

Hellcannon passed rampage again. The Chaos Gods now looked to their best to win the day. The Nurgle Knights and BSB charged the Phoenix Guard though they knew they may be dead should the White Lions counter-charge next turn. However they only needed to hold out long enough for the Khorne Knights to come in the back holding up the Phoenix Guard long enough that the Marauders should be able to win the game. The Marauders also went for another assault on the building. The Warriors continued to manuver to get vantage points for magic.

Unfortunately, magic only resulted in two dead Lions and the Hellcannon scattered wide again though it clipped three PG killing them. Combat saw more PG fall for no Knights in return allowing the Chaos forces the hold up the PG as the Marauders killed the last of the LSg and moved into the tower. The PG chose not reform so as to keep the Knights from getting the full potential of their attacks. The Khorne Knights gleefully hacked through the RBT and its crew but failed to get a big enough overrun to hit the PG.


The High Elf forces were scattered and those left were dying quickly. The White Lions under pressure decided the rear charge from the Khorne Knights was more of a threat and chose to reform to flank charge them next turn instead of immediately charging the Nurgle Knights in the front. The Shadow Warrior failed to rally and kept running, passing his dangerous terrain test for running through the Knights. Magic was unsuccessful again with a miscast killing some more PG. In combat the massacre continued though as usual the PG held on.


Turn 4

The Khorne Knights decided not to make the mistake of the White Lions and charged straight into the PG's rear. The Lord then used this opening to pummel the Lions with magic, killing them off completey with successful castings of Treason, Flcikering Fire, and Gateway. In combat the PG were being reduced to platry numbers. At the rate they were being killed it would only take another 2 rounds or so to kill them off so Chris conceded. Chaos would taint the land.



A good start but not the most fulfilling victory. Chris was new to the game I was told, so the mistakes such as concentrating magic on PSoX and not charging with the Lions are understandable. All the same, I was intimidated by the army and he did he best so fair play. It was a good game and if one or two things went differently I think the result could have been drastically different, as my Knights cannot stand up to several turns of S6 attacks. This win put me on 20-0 and kept me on table one for game 2 to face Dave Wade. Guess what! More pointy ears!!!

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