Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monofilament Madness

Still painting, still writing lists, still undecided. Through all of these processes, one aspect has managed to stay static; Warp Spiders. Spiders fill an important role in the Eldar army, and that is being able to strike wherever they are needed with ease and precision. With the option to Deep Strike or deploy and move 2D6 + 6" plus Battle Focus plus Jet move, they really can be anywhere any time. With the new monofilament rules they also pose a great threat to most vehicles and even some flyers. They also take down infantry rather well, and if you can get Guide on them, the enemy might as well take their models off the board before the dice hit the mat.

I had to have at least one unit of these guys in every list, and in my usual style opted to convert plastic versions instead of buying the old metals (which I think look atrocious anyway). Searching around I came across the Dark Eldar Scourges, and thought their dynamic posing would make them a perfect fit. When it came down to it, I had to cut off all of the spikes, shave down any other pointy areas, shave back the helmet and hair into a sleeker shape, turn any bare feet into regular boots, attach addition Guardian antenaee to the backpack (making an 8 legged design for the jump thrusters) and make them some guns. I made these with Dark Eldar Shredders (I think) and the flagpoles from the back of the Eldar Jetbikes. Whereas the guns don't look like the conventional Death Spinner, I see them almost like mini Prism Blasters or something like that. I also did a lot of extra work on their bases, adding to the scenic bits already present on the Scourge minis.

The end result after painting and basing can be seen below. There are 8 here, which is the unit size I typically use, but I have two more in the works with some heavier conversion work, including some webs. So for now, enjoy.

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  1. Well at least there was some pointed bits you didn't have to take off Jay & that was their ears lol.