Monday, August 12, 2013

Air Superiority and the Sky Hunter

Continuing my painting for NWG, as is usually the case one of the first models I finish is always the one I'm unsure of. In this case I am referring to the Crimson Hunter. Now don't get me wrong, in every game I've played it has survived despite the internet's "wisdom" that an AV10 flyer won't survive its arrival on the board, and has gotten some sweet kills, but it's the one unit in the army that hasn't had that umph factor about it, whether that was bad luck from some late reserve rolls, a fluff of shots in one game, or something else entirely.

Now all that being said, it is a unit that makes me feel very comfortable with my army despite all else, because if there's one thing my army absolutely struggles with it's Storm Ravens, in particular Grey Knight ones which make my Seer Council disappear (and they thought they were the ones pulling the tricks). Unlike other flyers as you know, the Raven is AV12 all around, so no jumping into rear armour shots, and not an easy kill even for mass S7. All in all, a pickle that 4 S8 AP2 shots with re-roll against armour solves. The problem is it only solves it if it gets to shoot at all, which of course might be a long shot if the Hunter comes onto the board before the Raven.

As such, I'm thinking of trying out the Nightwing for this army, since this event is Forge World friendly. It has a similar weapon load out, just replacing the Pulsar for two Shuriken Cannons. This makes it better overall but slightly worse at taking on flyers like the Raven. The big pull for the Nightwing however is that it is cheaper and can get a 2+ jink in order to stay alive. Also, I plan on converting one from a Razorwing, so that would be another conversion for painting points, though this is assuming the TO allows me to convert a Forge World unit from non-FW parts.

Anyway, I just wanted to muse out loud on that topic for a bit, and feel free to comment. But the part you probably want to see more are the pics of the finished Crimson Hunter, so here they are; enjoy.


  1. Huge fan of the Hunter after playing them recently. I have been running 2: a normal lad and an Exarch with the Star Cannon. I have an Autarch in my list so I have been able to keep them off or bring them on as desired. The re-rolls against armour make them solid, but the real trick is being able to get to rear armour and unload. The manoeuvrability thanks to Vector Dancer is ridiculous, with you being able to get into these rear arcs and not have to worry about retaliation. The Armour 10 os flimsy however. Having been a marine player for years there is something strange about wincing when hit by two Heavy Bolter shots!! Playtest two of them, preferably one of each and I think you will see what I mean. I am not convinced that one alone will work. The Exarch is really good at nailing ground troops too, esp sniping out characters. Whittle wounds on a squad then declare the order of the saves taken so that the character is saving against the S8 shots.

  2. Jay to tbomk you're premitted one unit that is not a FW to be used as one at nwg

  3. Caolan; my thoughts so far as well. However with NWG at only 1650pts and the fact that I won't have a second model I'm not sure I could run two. I may try and find a way to make a list with one Hunter and one Nightwing however as I will have one model of each. Again though the rest of the list has performed so admirably I wouldn't know where to drop points.

    Glad to hear somebody else say something positive about them though.

    Frank, that was what I thought but couldn't find it in the draft rulespack so sent a PM to Darragh to be sure. I would certainly like to try it out as like I said above, that's another ace conversion toward my painting score :)