Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hell & Dire Conqesuences

Hell is right, painting hell. With only 5wks until NWG I am working as much as possible to get the army done, because whereas that may seem like a lot of time, there is still a tonne to do, especially since I still haven't decided on a list yet.

But enough about that, today's focus is on the Dire Avengers. Now I won't praise them like I did the Warp Spiders, as truth be told, they are only really here to provide me with a Wave Serpent. But they are still a good scoring unit. AS4+ holds them up better than Guardians and an 18" range combined with Battle Focus gives them a decent Pseudo-Rending threat range. Ld9 has an approximately 37.5% greater chance of passing than Ld8 too, which is rather significant in my opinion.

In the painting department these were a fun unit to paint. Big mohawks are cool and all, but it was also because this is a totally kit bashed unit, as I had very few Dire Avenger parts lying around. So there are some flails and extra guns thrown in there for good use, but they are mostly Guardian bodies. Their ride was a similar treat, as I find the Eldar vehicles very pleasant to paint, though note in the pics below the Wave Serpent is all but finished; it still needs a touch-up of the purple to remove mistakes, but other than that it is completed.

Next time I will be talking about allies, but until then, enjoy the Hell's Angels of the Eldar Craftworld, the Dire Avengers.