Friday, August 31, 2012

NWG Update 5 - Descend the Shades of Night

So it is only another 34hrs until the NWG tournament, and I am glad to say, the army is all finished. Painting wrapped up Wednesday afternoon, just in time for my last practice game. I will post pictures of all I've finished since the last update, as well as some of some older models that are also part of the army, but haven't been posted before.

First I want to talk about the army itself. Over the past few weeks I've managed to get in several practice games, in particular, I've gotten a game a week for the past three.

Game 1 was against Blood Angels in Big Guns Never Tire with a Hammer and Anvil deployment and 3 objectives. Astorath made every eligible unit Fearless unfortunately, and I lost Coteaz in turn 2 to some unfortunate armour save rolls. From turn 3 onward Draigo and co' were also bogged down by some Terminators for the rest of the game. His Raven managed to last quite awhile thanks to jinks despite facing two of mine, however I dominated the rest of his ground forces soundly. However he managed to nullify a lot of my scoring units to make me struggle. In the end we tied the primary objectives, however I pulled ahead on secondary and getting more VPs for killing Heavies than he did, for an overall 7-3 victory.

Game 2 was against a foot semi-horde Space Wolves army led by Logan. This game was Dawn of War deployment with the Scouring scenario. Things started bad early with a poor Grand Strategy roll, and some mistakes for me in deployment. I also made the mistake of Outflanking one Dreadknight; this was my first time getting to play standard deployment, so I didn't fully appreciate the effect a longer flank would have on the Knight. After deployment we flipped the objectives and I also got shafted there, getting a 1 and a 2, and he got two 3's. There was another 2 far out away from everyone, and while I had the 4, he greatly outmanned me on that part of the board (those deployment mistakes I mentioned), and was easily going to take it. Come turn 2 the Dreadknight came on the wrong board edge away from the action, and adding all of that together with a lot of poor rolling on my part and good rolling (for once) on Gearoid's part, saw me lose 11-6. In this game however the Paladins took out Logan and his TH/SS Wolf Guard while Draigo gave the assist and then went solo to wipe a whole Grey Hunter squad on his own.

Game 3 was against Blood Angels again and once again I was playing the Scouring with Dawn of War. I made the Dreadknights scoring in this game and deployed everything bar the Ravens, the first time I had ever done so, and the results spoke for themselves. This time the objectives turned up even, with the 4 and a 3 in no man's land, while Tony had the other 3 and the 1, and I had both 2's. The long and the short of it was with my full army to bear, and some reserve manipulation for the dogfight (double Raven vs double Raven), I annihilated him. At the end of the game, he had taken out Draigo,Coteaz and two half squads, whereas he only had a single Terminator left standing. I took this one home big with a 12-1 massacre.

Ending practice games the army came out 4-0-2, which is a good record, and definitely satisfactory going into the tournament. However some of the top brass from the country are playing so it's going to be a much tougher affair, with things like Dark Harlistars running around. Wish me luck.

Anyhow, I'll leave you with some nice pictures to look. Comments welcome.

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