Monday, February 21, 2011

Marching forward....

Only a week left in a month that has been mostly quiet as far as Warhammer has been concerned. This of course is the quiet before the storm that will be the month of March.

Eventwise we've got Holdcon II, King of the Gnoblars, and Retcon 2011 coming up. Of course funds have been restricting me again so I will only be attending King of the Gnoblars, an all-you-can-muster 2400pts tournament in Cork. Will be taking the Chaos army to this one and am on an ok track for painting. Pressure is on as this will be my last ranking event of the 2010/2011 season and I need to earn roughly 38 points to stand a chance of pushing back up into the top 5 of the rankings and qualifying for the ETC (funds allowing). This means that in a bare minimum full ranking point events (31 players) I would need to come somewhere around 7th or 8th at least; not looking good. I still need to figure out in that time how to handle Skaven, how to take on an Orcs and Goblins book I haven't fully seen yet, and how to kill Kevin's God-damn White Lions.

For painting the army so that it is fully painted I still have 5 full Chosen and a unit filler to start, as well as finishing 4 more Chosen and my War Shrine. However if I want to get the army to the standard I am aiming for then I also have to highlight 30 Marauders and change the cloak colour of 11 Warriors. Not the talleast of orders with 4wks to do it, but knowing me...

On top of this I have gotten an offer on a commission. It has not been finalised, but if it goes through I'm going to have 80 Gors and a Lord of Change to paint, so my own ideas of perhaps finishing the Empire painting will be shelved for awhile. Might give me the opportunity to buy bits for converting my Witch Elves though (if I figure out how I want to convert them that is).

Now off to find more vintage Brown Ink on Ebay.

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