Monday, February 7, 2011

Giver of Glory

So you remember I briefly mentioned some Chaos conversions in my last post? Well today I dug out the old Screaming Bell kit and got working on one; the War Shrine. Up until now it had been a case of grabbing the nearest Chariot to me and using that as a shrine, but I really wanted to model a proper one, and to fit in with my Chaos army, I wanted to model it big!

The concept is similar to any shrine with a few differences. Firstly it's big! (Think I might have mentioned that already) Secondly I opted to have mine pulled by a Werewolf type creature rather than the typical Horses. This was achieved by sticking the head of a Warhound onto the body of a Minotaur. I got rid of those God-awful fooves too!

The shrine itself is a massive construction on four wheels encompassing a throne-like monument behind a sacrifical altar type thing. I have yet to attach a cage yet which will hang where the bell normally would go on the Screaming Bell. I'm gonna stick that screaming dude from the Giant kit in it too. The idea is that the Sorcerer on back uses his magic etc. to sacrifice the victim to whoever and the blood falls down into the bowl.

I added spikes and Chaos shields in a few places. I also had to sculpt some of the stonework that holds up the (bell) as I had cut some of it off in my War Altar conversion for my Empire army. I based this around an old pencil. Aside from all of that, all I have left to do is to green stuff up all the gaps and give the Werewolf a big shaggy mane. Oh, and add the chains for the Werewolf to pull the Shrine. Pictures below. Enjoy!

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  1. That looks really good dude. I love the whole look of the machine, big and beefy.