Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If it's not Brocon then don't fix it

Before I get to what the title of this post refers to I'll give you a quick update on my Chaos army.

Things are going well. It doesn't look like the Jugger-Knights will be finished in time for King of the Gnoblars (only 17 days away now) as two of the Juggernauts have yet to arrive though more importantly the Knights, who are needed before assembling to make sure they rank up, have not even arrived at Maelstrom yet, not to mind at my house. Still I reckon they will be getting them along with my Orcs and Goblins magic cards on Saturday, so hopefully I'll have them next week. The other problem this raises is that I need three of the lances from that box set to kit out the last 3 Chosen before I paint them. In the meantime I have the Chosen's unit filler and the War Shrine to finish. The filler is in his final stages; loving how he turned out and could be used as a character on Daemonic Steed also. Pics to follow once I have batteries. And who knows, maybe with the waiting time I can push onto doing the Warriors cloak change, and even more ambitiously, the Marauders' highlights.

Now, regarding the topic title; Brocon 2011. The event has been announced and I am heading up the wargaming once again. Luckily this year I have follow LDC member James Carey running the 40k so I don't have to wing it again (hard to run a game whose rules you barely know). Fantasy I am looking forward to and I really hope to top the numbers from last year considerably. It will likely be the second ranking event of the '11/'12 season after Conclave.

Anyway, details for now (rulespacks to be finished yet) can be found at the link below:

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