Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deathly Deja-Vu - Conclave Game 5 & Conclusion

So as I mentioned at the end of the last report I was going into game 5 of Conclave with a very strong footing, and was set to face Gearoid again for the last round. If you want to see Gearoid's list again, you can find it two posts back in the Game 3 post.

Now the thing here is, we ended up on the same table, with the same opponent, on the same side, with the same spells, and after deployment it looked very similar as well. As such, I decided not to make maps and do a full report of this one as it may be a bit stale given that you've essentially read half of it already, but as a quick summary of the game.

 - Terrorgheist went after the Daemon Prince again early on and once again left him with one wounds. He took two Chariots for his trouble and got pulverised.

 - Vampire Lord slammed into the Warriors in turn 2 and picked of two characters and eventually the entire unit over a few rounds of combat.

 - The Chimera and Crushers did much of the same again, except this time it worked in the Vampires' favour with the Chimera getting tarpitted in skellies for half of the game and the Crushers killed by Horrors. Horrors then hit Throgg and co', a fight the Horrors narrowly won in the end thanks to a flank charge from the same Skellies that later tarpitted the Chimera.

 - The DP managed to survive the Terrorgheist scream as mentioned and went on to carve through all the Zombies and Corpse Cart to get his wounds back.

 - The game ended with a two turn dual between the DP and Vampire Lord which the Vampire just managed to win in the last turn. He, the Chariots and the Chimera were the only models left standing, resulting in a 10-10 draw.

At the end of the tournament I ended up in 1st place by 20 points. You will notice of course that that means that I was already winning going into the last round, which is why the game was so chaotic. The simple fact was based on the points going into Game 5 I was guaranteed to win the tournament so instead of playing balls to the wall competitive myself and Gearoid decided to just have a proper fun fight and see what's left standing at the end. It is incredibly enjoyable and a great way to end a tournament; certainly one of the most fun games of Warhammer I've had in a long time.

As for the list, I wouldn't change a thing, as every unit performed admirably all weekend. The Chimera was easily the man of the weekend for all he achieved, and though the Warriors did relatively little, I can't see the list being right without them.

To top off a great weekend my Throgg model which I entered into the Fantasy catagory of the painting competition was voted as the winner and so I got to go home with two awesome trophies as well as some others prizes and freebies. Couple that with 5 great games of Warhammer and there really was nothing to complain about; Conclave 2013 was a blast and I will definitely be back next year.

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