Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back in Black - Conclave Game 4

After a night of beer and board games I got a good night sleep and geared up for day 2. As previously mentioned, I was set to play a 5 point nasty Dark Elf list, meaning all the tricks but a points advantage for me. The list was roughly as follows.

Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Great Weapon, Pendent of Khaeleth, Crown of Command, Dark Pegasus

Supreme Sorceress
Level 4 Shadow, Sacrificial Dagger

Death Hag
BSB, Cauldron of Blood, Rune of Khaine

Extra Hand Weapon

Level 2 Fire, Black Dragon Egg

40x Spearmen
Full Command, Shield

30x Corsairs
Full Command, Extra Hand Weapons, Sea Serpent Standard

20x Crossbowmen

20x Black Guard
Full Command


The one weakness I could immediately see in this list was the lack of chaff. Without subtlety and with a 4 point lead going in, I knew I could opt not to engage and take some easy points if I felt unable to handle the opposition. As such I took full advantage of the scenario and my army's speed and deployed defensively in my corner, intending to make Dave come to me. Since this was Meeting Engagement we had to roll for reserves, with my BSB, my Sorcerer, and his Crossbowmen all going into reserve.

For magic I rolled the three sniper spells and Purple Sun, with Miasma support, while Dave got Miasma, The Withering, Pendulum and Mindrazor, with Fireball and Flaming Sword in support.

Turn 1

Taking first turn I immediately moved my BSB and Sorcerer on into their unit, which has been deployed in wait. Everything else shuffled a bit to make more room bar the DP who swung out east to try and snipe the Dreadlord early, however he failed in this endeavour.

In a similar move the Dark Elves moved forward heavily, bringing the Crossbowmen onto the field, and tried some magic but to little effect.

Turn 2

I moved some Hounds out to bait and/or slow down the Corsairs and Hydra while I flew the DP over the Dark Elf lines to threaten his back field and try to snipe the Dreadlord again. I also moved the Warriors into the building. Everything else continued to shuffle about to prepare for the following turn.

Once again magic did nothing and so we moved onto Dave's turn. He declared the first charge of the game on the baiting Hounds who fled from the Hydra, reducing it to moving only 5" this turn. Everything else kept moving forward with the Dreadlord and Cauldron favouring the left flank. In magic Dave got off Flaming Sword on the Corsairs, but that was all.

Turn 3

Forgetting that they have Flaming Sword on I charged the Gorebeast Chariots both into the Corsairs and despite the long distances both made it in. I knew I was susceptible to a Hydra counter-charge, but I reckoned my Chariots could take it, and for insurance I put the Chimera in wait. I also took the opportunity to try a charge with the DP into the Cauldron and managed it. With the Black Guard close I tried to set up a trap whereby he could either charge me or be stuck by surrounding him with Warriors and Trolls and baiting him with hounds. I sent the other Hounds and Crushers after the RXBs.

Magic fluffed again. In combat one of the Chariots took 3 wounds from the Corsairs, but they collectively did 8 back, though they would have done more had I remembered that Warriors have 2 attacks each. The Corsairs held and awaited the Hydra support. Elsewhere the DP took 3 wounds from the Cauldron for none in return.

The Hydra counter-charged finally while the rest of the army tried to deal with the threats I had put forward. Dave used the Dreadlord to bail out the Black Guard by blocking off the Warriors and the Spears turned to face the DP. In magic I allowed the dropping of my Trolls toughness in order to stop the buffs on the Corsairs. In retaliation the Sorceress cracked the Black Dragon Egg and killed a Troll with her breath weapon. In shooting the RXBs wiped out the Hounds.

Reminiscent of the last combat the Hydra did 3 wounds to the Chariot but the Chariots did enough to lose only by 1 and they both held. In the centre however the Dark Elves did not fair too well as the DP killed the Cauldron.

Turn 4

The Crushers finally made their attack by charging the RXBs, and the Chimera counter-charged the Hydra in the flank. I backed the Trolls and Warriors off to be ready to fight the Black Guard soon while the DP flew in behind them to have options.

Magic finally paid off as the DP killed the Dreadlord with sniper spells. The Chimera only managed one wound on the Hydra but took none in return and with the Chariots' continued massacre of the Corsairs the Hydra broke, though the Chimera failed to catch it. The Crushers up north managed to kill 12 RXBs but they rolled insane courage and held.

The Black Guard finally made their move, charging the Hounds. Knowing the Hounds would flee they redirected into the Warriors. I fled with them too, getting all units past the safety of the building, leaving the Black Guard open to a Troll flank charge. The Spearmen continued to move up slowly.

In magic the Sorceress managed to get off a Pendulum that struck the Chimera but he passed his Initiative test. In combat Chaos finally moped up with the Corsairs and Master destroyed, and the RXBs ran down. The Crushers went off the table after them while the Chariots reformed in either direction.

Turn 5

Thankfully the Warriors rallied, though the Hounds continued off the board, just in time to see the Trolls fail a stupidity check and lumber forward. The Chimera and a Chariot charged the Hydra once again as everything else repositioned.

In magic the Black Guard has their WS reduced, and in combat the Hydra took some more wounds and broke once again, though once again he outran he pursuers.

In the Dark Elf turn the Black Guard finally got t grips with the Trolls, taking advantage of their failed Stupidity check. The Hydra elsewhere failed to rally however and continued to run. The Sorceress managed another Pendulum that hit both the Chimera and the Chariot this time, but it only resulted in two wounds on the Chimera. She also managed to reduce the Toughness and Weapon Skill of the Trolls who looked to now be in for a brutal fight.

Brutal was correct, as 3 Trolls, the Sorceress and a lot of Black Guard fell, though the Trolls just won it thanks to Throgg's overkill.

Turn 6

Unfortunately for Dave that would be his last chance as I charged the Chariot into the Black Guard's flank, and chased the Hydra off the board elsewhere. I tried to snipe his Level 4 for magic but failed and wiped all but one Black Guard in combat.

In the last turn that Black Guard fell as the Sorceress failed to kill the Chimera with the Pendulum once again.


There's not too much to say; Dave played a good game but his SCALE let him down right from the start, allowing me to play cagey and leave the fight until late in the game. It helped that my DP's magic was the perfect answer to his PegLord as well.

In the end he only had my Hounds while I had all but one unit and character. As such despite SCALE I still got a 20-0 putting me in a solid standing going into game 5, where I would play Gearoid again but this time in a straight battleline.

Stay tuned.

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