Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sand and Shotguns...

So I've been playing a lot of Empire lately, mainly due to my poor performance at Warpcon and thus wanting to improve on them in the weeks off from tournament practice. After talking with Rob it was established that my playstyle was too agressive with them being used to my Warriors of Chaos playstyle. Over the last few weeks then I've been practicing the art of defensive play and have come out with a good few wins against Skaven, High Elves, and Lizardmen.

Funny story, I come up against Dwarfs tonight, and my mindset is so set on defensive, that I waste a turn sitting back, and then after I get outgunned I've a long run to get to his lines. After a good smashing (and a lot of utterly crappy dice rolls) I managed to claw back some points and bring it down to a 11-9 loss. What did I learn from the game? I must normally be playing the army right as of late :)

In other news I've decided to shamelessly jump on the Tomb Kings bandwagon as they look like buckets of fun to play with and model. I've decided for the first time ever to run a full on painting blog on an army from start to finish; this along with the fact that look like a joy to paint should see a swift finish and avoidance from the grey-plastic-fate that befell my Empire. I expect to get my first Vampire Counts Skeletons and spare bows for conversions around Wednesday, so I'll begin the blog then.

Until then...

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