Friday, April 22, 2011

The Lightning Legion arises...

A bit later than expected, but the Skeletons arrived from Maelstrom this morning. I also got another batch from Ebay yesterday however I realised I had accidentally bought the old gnarled looking Skeletons so had to send those back.

I began converting with the VC ones from Maelstrom immediately (luckily my bits order of bows came in this morning too). I found making a dynamic shooting pose would be too difficult given the frailty of the models, so I opted for a slow marching unit reaching for their arrows. The first Skeleton and the Standard Bearer (both WIP) can be seen below.

I have attached quivers from the Wolf Rider sprues and I still need to sculpt straps onto them.

I've also been converting the first of two Screaming Skull (Trebuchets) from scratch. I will need to do a lot of sculpting (oh joy) to make the wooden beams, the straps, and the flames around the skull. Should look class when it's finished though.

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