Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NWG 2013 - The ABF Challenge

So NWG has come and gone. Unfortunately I couldn't get a Wi-Fi connection at the event, so my plans to blog direct from there fell through. I can report however that it was an incredible event and was enjoyed by all in attendance (from what I could see).

I will have a full set of battle reports from the event starting tomorrow or Thursday, but for now, I am here to present pics of the armies included in the ABF Challenge (including my own), as well as some of the Fantasy armies and a few game pics. The standard was incredible all around, and it is unfortunate that I only had my smart phone to take pics, as they certainly don't do any of the armies justice, especially the ones that were taken after my flash died.

So enjoy and feel free to comment and even throw your name in the ring to say "that one's mine" if you like. Cheers all, and congrats to the NWG organisers on a top event.

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