Monday, December 26, 2011

Going Solo

I decided I'd do a Christmas post, though it has nothing to do with Christmas past the best wishes to all, and all that jazz.

So onto the important stuff; I got some more painting done. Since I last posted I have put most of my focus (no pun intended) into painting some solos, namely Reinholdt, a Squire, and Eiryss. All are pretty cool models and I got sick of wet-brushing the jacks to get the white right; this technique isn't necessary on the much smaller models, especially since their armour is more jagged and less rounded. As a note, you'll probably notice that the right side of Eiryss' face is a bit blotchy. This is due to a bad spot of the sculpt where the lips seem to have been smoothed down to one side of the face, leaving an odd lump under the cheek.

With these three finished I'm going to touch up a Charger I have done somewhere and try finish the Defender that's been sitting on my desk for the last few weeks, after which I will start the Black 13th. Anyhow, pictures are below, comments appreciated.

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