Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celtic failure...

So a bit of good news and a bit of bad news, both related. The invites for the first ever Irish Masters went out this week and since I finished the season at number 4 in the Irish rankings I was one of the invitees.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate preventing me from securing a job I am flat broke, and with Warpcon (and the GF's 21st) only two weeks later, I've unfortunately had to decline the invitation.

So where does that leave things for me and my army then? Well the painting I have achieved so far hasn't gone to waste as Warpcon is still on the horizon and I'd like to show up with a fully painted (albeit not finished) Empire army. The extra 2wks takes a lot of weight off my shoulders too allowing me to drop my daily quota of painted models from 3 down to 2.

That being said, I am still disappointed that I won't be attending and thus I will be gunning for another spot at the 2011 Masters. I just hope the experience of this first year will mean that next year's masters will have a much greater period of preparation and notice so that those of us who have to travel far will be able to get our affairs in order.

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