Friday, March 19, 2010

The Road to Vaticon

So I have decided to attend the Vaticon WHFB tournament next week. It is a standard 2k tourney and is an ETC qualifier. After my fickle magic phases at Warpcon, I decided to try something a little less brutish and a little more tactical this time. I was to face Niall's High Elves once again, but against a much tougher list. I actually asked him to bring a Dragon so that I could test my new anti-Dragon set-up. My list was as follows:

Sorcerer Lord [ Level 4 ]
Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, 2x Dispel Scrolls

Sorcerer [ Level 2 ]
Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Spell Familiar, Book of Secrets, Bloodcurdling Roar

Sorcerer [ Level 1 ]
Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Talisman of Protection

5x Chaos Knights
Mark of Khorne

5x Chaos Knights
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Chariot

10x Chaos Warriors

Full Command, Shields, Rapturous Standard

5x Marauder Horsemen
Mark of Slaanesh, Champion, Musician, Flails, Throwing Axes

5x Marauder Horsemen
Mark of Slaanesh, Musician, Spears

5x Hounds
5x Hounds


I decided to try out some Slaanesh magic for psychological effect. The idea was that with the Spell Familiar I had a good chance of getting either Hysterical Frenzy or Tittilating Delusions. Delusions helps me keep the Dragon away of to get him trapped in difficult terrain. Frenzy allows me to force the Dragon to charge my Chaos Warriors who after a challenge from the Champion have a good chance of sticking around to hold up the Dragon for a turn or two. Giving him the Book of Secrets makes sure that he has at least two useful spells at all times.

Niall's list was not necessarily optimised, but it was no cakewalk either.

Dragon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Pheonix, Star Lance

Mage [ Level 1 ]
2x Dispell Scrolls

15x Phoenix Guard
Standard Bearer with War Banner, Musician

15x White Lions
Standard Bearer with Standard of Balance, Musician

6x Dragon Princes
Standard Bearer with Banner of Arcane Protection, Musician

Lion Chariot

10x Archers
10x Archers


For spells my Lord rolled Fire, Transmorg, Glory and Gateway. My Slaanesh Sorcerer rolled Lash, Frenzy, Seisures, and rolled Dark Hand on the book. The Level 1 just took Fire. The High Elf Mage took Saphery.

For deployment from my left to right he deployed Chariot, Princes, Lions, Mage, RBT, Archers, Phoenix Guard, Dragon, Archers. In the same direction I deployed Horsemen with Slaanesh Sorcerer, Level 1, Chariot, Knights screened by Hounds, Warriors, Hellcannon, Lord screened by Knights screened by Hounds, Horsemen. The full deployment can be seen in the diagram below.


Niall took first turn and we began.

Turn 1

The Dragon immediately made a beeline for the Hellcannon. The Princes and Chariots advance a normal move while the Phoenix Guard ran full pelt. The Lions entered the forest to take shelter from the fear of taking Doomfire to the head like in the last game. The mage failed to cast any spells. The Archers shot down 3 Hounds on the left allowing the RBT to fell a Knight. The Dragon breathed fire on the Hellcannon but failed to wound it. Finally the eastern Archers slew two Horsemen.

In the Chaos turn, the Hellcannon approached the Dragon ready to shot it in the face. The cavalry on the eastern flank all ran straight at the Archers there while the Warriors moved to flank the Dragon if the Hellcannon could survive a turn. The other Horsemen hid behind the hill while the Chariot prepared to charge the Princes and the Hounds and Knights advanced down the middle. The Level 1 Sorcerer flew to the flank of the Dragon Princes. Im magic, Fire failed to cast on the Lion Chariot, and Seizures also failed on the White Lions. In a desparation move Niall used both scrolls to dispel a Fire on his Phoenix Guard and a Gateway on his Dragon. The Hellcannon lined up the Dragon and guessed bang on but the shot scattered off course.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2

The Dragon charged the roaring Hellcannon without hesitation while the Phoenix Guard charged the Chaos Hounds only to see the runts flee. The High Elf forces on the western flank continued to circle around ready to charge or be charged. The White Lions moved to the forest's edge ready to charge out into battle now that their lord had the Hellcannon in his grasp. Magic again failed to yield results and the RBT failed to hit all 6 shots. The Archers in the east had better luck killing all 5 Hounds but their brethren in th centre could not dent the Knights' armour. In combat, the Dragon munched up the Hellcannon and overran the crew off of the table.

The Horsemen in the east sounded a charge but were cut down by elven arrows before they could reach the Archers. The frenzied Knights failed a charge on them also. The Knights in the centre hit hard on Phoenix Guard, as the Chariot smashed into the Dragon Princes. The Slaanesh Sorcerer departed from his unit running straight through a gap to the rear of the High Elf lines. His former unit then circled around the Lion Chariot's flank. The Level 1 flew behind the RBT and the Lord flew next to the central Archers, with the Hounds failing to rally. In magic, one crew man was lost from the war machine and two Archers were burned alive. Gateway miscast wounding the wizard and the Slaaneshi Sorcerer failed once again to cast his spell. In combat, the Chariot did 7 Impact Hits, wounding 5 times but only piercing the armour twice. The Princes retaliated with a wound and then took a further wound; though they won by one the Chariot held fast. In the center the Phoenix Guard managed to slay a Knight and the remaining 3 fluffed their attacks hitting only 3 times and killing only 2. The horses killed one more but the Knights lost and ran, though outrunning their pursuers thankfully.

End of Turn 2

Turn 3

The Dragon returned and headed straight for the closest Knight unit. The Phoenix Guard further attempted the catch the fleeing Knights but failed. The White Lions left the forest and hit the flank of the Chaos Chariot while the Lion Chariot moved out of the charge arc of the Horsemen. In magic, Shield of Saphery was cast on the White Lions with IF, and the RBT then in shooting slew the Level 1 Sorcerer. The Archers in the east also managed to kill a Knight. The other Archers managed at range to pick off a single Chaos Warrior. In combat the Chaos Chariot was torn apart by the High Elves and the White Lions overran 6".

Seeing the Dragon behind them the chosen of Khorne hit the Archers hard looknig to overrun right off the board. The Warriors also moved in the try intercept the winged monster. The Knights that were fleeing rallied however they had already lost Khorne's blessing. The Hounds besides them kept running until they had left the board. The Horsemen that remained flank charged the Dragon Princes while their former master ran around the back of the forest of his lightning steed. The Tzeentch Lord also flew toward the Dragons flank with hopes to cast the creature into the warp. In magic a Flickering Fire managed to kill two more Phoenix Guard while the Slaanesh Sorcerer miscast. However, his spell managed to hit the White Lions with IF, though the Sorcerer then forgot how to use it. The Seizures that gripped the Lions tore 5 of them apart but their magical banner helped keep their nerve. With a final effort the Lord of Tzeentch conjured up a powerful Infernal Gateway which slew the High Elf Prince in his saddle and wounded his loyal steed twice, though the Beast managed to keep its temper and not freak out at the loss of its master. Its sights were too focused on the Knights before it. In combat those very Knights ran down the Archers but only ran 4" leaving them sitting ducks for the now riderless Dragon. With the Speed of Asuryan, the Dragon Prince slew a Horsemen who failed to return any damage, thus drawing the combat.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4

In revenge for it fallen master the Star Dragon smashed into the rear of the Chaos Knights while the rest of the High Elf force circled the Chaos forces on the western flank. Both magic and shooting were unsuccessful in this turn but the Dragon Princes managed to break the Horsemen, standing their ground wrongfully expecting the riders of Slaanesh to leave the table. The Dragon didn't fare all too well, killing only a single Knight, breaking them, but failing to catch them.

The Chaos turn was to be a bloody one. The Sorcerer Lord once again flee up next to the Archers while the Slaaneshi Sorcerer ran back around to where the action was on the left flank. The rallied Horsemen ran in between the Lions and Chariot and the Knights ran around the Chariot ready to flank the Dragon Princes. The Warriors continued toward the Dragon and the Knights in the east corner rallied ready to tackle the Dragon once more. Magic this turn was to be devastating to the High Elf forces. The Lord alone managed to kill 4 Archers making the rest flee, before casting an irresistable Gateway that made the Dragon disappear with a S12 hit. To round out the turn the Slaaneshi Sorcerer's roar killed two Dragon Princes causing the last to flee the table.

End of Turn 4

Turn 5

Coming off a bad turn, the White Lions turned to face the oncoming chargers as the Phoenix Guard struggled to close in on time to help their brethren. The Archers rallied also. Magic as usual was insignificant, and the RBT failed to do any damage to the Sorcerer Lord.

Once the Chaos turn began the Knights and Horsemen declared a combined charge at the White Lions in a last gambet to earn some points back. The Warriors moved to take a table quarter as the Knights ran at the Archers. The two Sorcerers stayed stationary. In magica single Phoenix Guard was felled by a Flickering Fire but that was all. In combat the Knights and Horsemen fluffed their attacks only killing two White Lions, losing combat. The Knights broke while the Horsemen remained.

End of Turn 5

Turn 6

As a last charge, all of the High Elf forces sandwiched the Horsemen cutting them down while the Archers took a wound from the Sorcerer Lord.

The Chaos turn proved catastrophic as the Knights failed to rally, leaving the table, and the Sorcerer Lord miscast, killing himself. The Slaaneshi Sorcerer managed to kill one White Lion, and the game ended a draw.

End of Turn 6


Firstly, God how stupid I can be sometimes. I take Slaaneshi magic to deal with Dragons and then deploy my Sorcerer at the opposite end of the board from the Dragon. Due to this I really don't know how well the magic will work so will need more testing. Against T3 armies it certainly will always be useful, but I really wanna try it and the Warriors properly before making a definite conclusion on the list. One thing I am certain of though; Roar is pointless as I either forget or it does nothing, and so too was the Champion and Axes on his unit. I am instead going to invest in giving the Level 1 the Puppet to help against those miscasts which are finally catching up to me.

On the game, I think I played ok, luck really had a lot to do with the outcome, fluffing several critical combats and miscasting 3 times.

Report against Wood Elves with a Forest Dragon on Sunday.

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