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Drogheda Gamesday Report

So after my failure to complete the Warpcon report, I have pushed myself to complete this report in one night. I took my Dark Elves to this 3 games 1 day event. I didn't want to take my Dragon or any magic, so my list was as follows:

Soul Render, Pendant of Khaeleth, Armour of Darkness

2x Dispel Scrolls

Extra Hand Weapon, Manbane, Rending Stars

Manbane, Rending Stars

17x Black Guard
Tower Master with Ring of Hotek
Standard Bearer with Banner of Hag Graef

5x Shades
Great Weapons

5x Shades

20x Dark Elf Warriors
Full Command, Shields

10x Crossbow Men

5x Dark Riders

5x Dark Riders

5x Harpies
5x Harpies



In the maps for each game, it is pretty obvious what is what. Only ambiguation would be the characters, the one that goes in the Black Guard (18 man infantry block) always is the Dreadlord, the other one which is once in the Warriors is the Sorceress. Also note that the Shades and Assassins scouted and so are not on the maps.

Game 1 - Kevin McHugh (Orcs and Goblins)

First game was on table 8 against Kevin and his oddly built Greenskins. His list was roughly as follows:

Orc War Boss Light Armour, Shield, Boar, Akrit Axe, Iron Gnasha's, Talisman of Protection

Goblin Big Boss
Giant Spider, Light Armour, Shield
Note that I am oblivious as to what magic gear this character had

Goblin Shaman
[ Level 2 ]
Dispel Scroll, Nibbla's Itty Ring, Wolf

Orc Shaman
[ Level 2 ] Dispel Scroll, Boar

15x Savage Orc Boar Boyz
Full Command, Warbanner

Orc Boar Chariot

Orc Boar Chariot

Spear Chukka'

20x Savage Orcs
Full Command

10x Spider Riders
Full Command, Bows

10x Wolf Riders
Full Command, Bows

Doom Diver


Strange list was the first thing that struck me. Second was that on a charge those Boar Boyz would mash anything in the way, so I had to play their frenzy against them.

Deployment was as follows:


From left to right, that's his Wolf Riders with wizard, Spider Riders with Big Boss, Boar Boyz with War Boss, Chariot, Savage Orcs, Chukka, Diver, Shaman, Chariot, Giant.

For spells I took the Chillwind in the Dark Lore. His wizards rolled Foot of Gork/Mork Wants Ya and Gorks Warpath/'Ere We Go respectively. I rolled first turn. You will notice I don't mention animosity in the report, that is because Kev never rolled a 1 or a 6, nor did he declare a Wagh! I also did not mention the Bolt Thrower as it missed every shot!

Turn 1

With the start of the turn, the Assassins immediately popped out of the Shade units which were both scouting in the two forests. The one's in the west moved to the edge of the forest out of the sight of all the greenies, but able to see his Chariot and Boars. The Assassin had left the unit but moved along side them. The one's in the East had a similar break with the Assassin darting past the Giant, and the Shades moving around his flank. A unit of Harpies flew over to join them, with the other flying over the lake. The Dark Riders both tore up their respective flanks, though the ones facing the wolves stayed at distance so as to be able to stand and shoot next turn should they charge. The Warriors moved up to get the Sorceress' spell in range, and the crossbows moved up to get in range also. Finally the Hydra entered the forest, while the Black Guard hung back.

In shooting, both Chariots fell apart to the wrath of the Assassins' S7 rending stars on both sides of the table. The Dark Riders in the east took a wound off the Giant while the Shades on that side took a wound from the Orc Shaman. Shades on the other flank killed a Boar Boy, while the Dark Riders on that flank killed three Wolf Riders, who subsequently passed their panic check.

With no charges to declare, the greenskins began to move. The wolves approached the Dark Riders with caution, and the Spider Riders entered the wood with caution also. The Boar Boyz moved up to allow themselves a charge next turn and the Shaman got off the hill where he was visible to all. The Giant also turned to face the Shades.

All magic and shooting failed to give results, and so it was on to turn 2.

Turn 2

To start the turn, the Shades failed their terror test (taken due to the proximity of the Giant) and ran. Meanwhile the Harpies over there charged the Doom Diver. The Assassin moved out of the Giant's charge arc and the Dark Riders on that side moved up to the wall. The Hydra moved up to the flank of the Spider Riders, and the Shades and knewly joined Assassin in the west moved out to bait the frenzied cavalry. The Harpies from the lake also flew behind enemy lines while the archers flexed their vantage point.

Shooting opened up more pain for the greenskins. The Dark Riders killed another two wolves (who would later pass thie panic check again), while their brethren in the east wound the Giant once more. To add to that, the Assassin's rending stars took three more wounds from the Giant. The archers (that's what I am calling them) killed the Orc Shaman with their marksmenship, while the Assassin and Shade combo in the west killed three more Boar Boyz. To finalize shooting, the Hydra's flame killed 7 Spider Riders. Guess what?!? They passed their check!!!

In combat the Harpies made short work of the Doom Diver and overran into the Spear Chukka.

Charges for the greenskins. The Boar Boyz' frenzy compelled them to charge the Shades who fled through the forest causing a failed charge and a big ass cavalry deathstar stuck in a forest. The Giant also charged the Dark Riders. Finally the Savage Orcs advanced.

Ranged attacks finally rendered results for the OnG with a single Dark Rider falling. In combat, first the Harpies destroyed the war machine and overran again. The Giant rolled Yell and Bawl, breaking the Dark Riders, who fled the table. The Giant ran to the table edge in forced pursuit (failed retrain), but didn't fall over the wall.

Turn 3

For the Dark Elves, it was time for more blood. The Dark Riders charged the Wolf Riders, their depleted numbers no longer causing a threat. The infantry once again remained in place while the rest did the work. The Hydra moved back to the flank of the Boar Boyz who were now knee deep in branches, and the Shades rallied. The lone Assassin followed the Giant, looking to finish the beast off. His Shade allies rallied next to him. One unit of Harpies moved up behind the Boar Boyz then, while the other stayed put.

Magic killed off two Savage Orcs, with the archers taking another. The Assassin took out the Giant, with Hydra unfortunately only killed one Boar Boy.

In combat the Dark Riders killed the remaining Wolf Riders, while their mounts wounded the Shaman once. In return, he killed a single rider, and then rolled insane courage on his break test.

The Orc turn was dull. The Spiders edged their way through the woods while the Boar Boyz did the opposite. The Savage Orcs continued to approach the Black Guard. In combat, the Shaman fell to the Dark Riders, who killed him with ease and glee.

Turn 4

At this point in the game the end was looking near and I decided to start wrapping things up. The Shades and Assassin in the East closed in as the Dark Riders moved around the forest to come around the rear. The Shades moved into the forest to finish off the Spiders, while the Harpies flew on front of the Boar Boyz to lead them away from the Black Guard.

From magic and shooting, another Spider, and two Boar Boyz fell, as well as well as five Savage Orcs.

The Orc turn came and frenzy was rampid. The boar unit charged the Harpies and the Savage Orcs on foot took on the Black Guard, with the Spider Riders charging and finishing the Shades. The SOBB took down the Harpies and overran into the back corner. Unfortunately for Kev, the Black Orcs took chopped down the Savage Orcs, man for man.

Turn 5

Here came the last turn of the game. I moved to take all quarters, and then surrounded the remaining enemies, and then the opponent conceded.

So a huge massacre start for the Dark Elves. Only 16 of my models died, which was a fantastic feat for me I think. So it was up to table one to face the Beasts of Chaos of an old adversary.

Game 2 - Dave Leahy (Beasts of Chaos)

I had played Dave before when he had Nurgle Daemons and he was a great and fun opponent, so I knew this was going to be a fun yet challenging game. The scenario held that opponent's table quarters were worth 200VP while your own were worth none. His list was pretty menacing:

Great Shaman [ Level 4 ] Horn of the Hunt

Wargor BSB

[ Level 2 ]
Power Stone

[ Level 2 ]
Note on heroes, he likely had more items than this, but this is all that came into play, you will see why soon

3x Dragon Ogres
Light Armour, Great Weapons

18x Beast Herd
Full Command, Shields

18x Beast Herd
Full Command, Shields

17x Beast Herd
17x Beast Herd
17x Beast Herd

10x Hounds

8x Hounds

Tuskgor Chariot

Tuskgor Chariot

Deployment was as follows:


His units left to right are Hounds, Chariot, Chariot, Dragon Ogres, Herd with 2 wizards, Herd with level 4 and BSB, Hounds. The rest were going to ambush.

My Shades were all scouting in the forest.

For spells he rolled collectively every spell except The Oxen Stands. I rolled Doombolt. He got first turn and took it.

Turn 1

The main herd moved right into the forest within two inches of the Shades. The other herd held back while the Dragon Ogres and Chariots moved forward, the Chariots slightly to the west. The Hounds all stayed put.

For magic, The Bear's Anger was cast on the BSB, and the Crow's Feast killed four Shades, the last passing his panic test. The Hunter's Spear also killed three Black Guard. I had to scroll the Beast Cowers to keep my Hydra in action.

So over to my turn, and both Assassins come out again. The one in the smaller unit left the unit, taking a hike around the forest. The lone Shade stayed where he was, with the full unit also standing still. The Dark Riders both took full swings of the flanks, though the eastern ones held back to shoot the Beast Herd in the forest, who were visible to them. One unit of Harpies flew in front of one of the Chariots, while the other unit flew to the flank of the other. The infantry stayed put while the Hydra approached the woods.

Doombolt managed to then take two wounds off a Chariot, and the Bolt Thrower dealt two wounds to a Dragon Ogre. The Dark Riders in the west failed to hurt the Hounds, while everything else shot at the Level 4's herd, with minimal results due to the 6's to hit (-3 to hit; multiple shots, soft cover, skirmishers), but did a few wounds thanks to the Assassins.

Turn 2

Top of turn two the best happened for me that would turn the game. A Hydra induced terror test on the general's beast unit was failed and the unit fled through two other units, though they passed their tests. This would prove pivotal to the game. The other Herd charged the Harpies, who fled (obviously). The three ambushing herds all came on where they wanted, two on my edge behind the Bolt Thrower and beside the archers, and the other right behind the Dark Riders on the western edge. The Chariots edged forward again, trying to remain out of my charge range. The Dragon Ogres shuffled past the Black Guard, more worried by them than the Hydra. Both units of Hounds turned and moved to be more in the battle.

With the level 4 fleeing, the magic phase failed to give results (though a power stone was used trying) and so it was onto my turn.

Harpies rallied. My Dark Riders took the opportunity and charged the fleeing unit who managed to flee out of charge range, but just shy of fleeing the board. The others took on the Hounds. The Dark Elf Warriors and Harpies both charged one of the Chariots, Dave having miscalculated the distance from my unit. The Black Guard angled so as to have the option of where to charge next turn depending on where they were needed most. Seeing the BT in trouble, the Shades and Assassin moved back toward it through the forest. The Hydra and lone Shade then approached the wizards' herd. Finally the archers turned to face their newly arrived threat.

In shooting, one Assassin was out of range, and the other fluffed, getting only one wound on the Dragon Ogres. The Hydra torched the herd before it, killing three. The archers and bolt thrower worked their way into the newly arrived herd near the archers, but were one kill short of a panic check. The Shades also failed to wound the Dragon Ogres.

In combat, the Hounds were easily beaten and overrun by the Dark Rider, who managed to fight their way out of the charge arc of the herd behind them. The Warriors and Harpies both made short work of the Chariot, running it down and hitting the other Chariot.

Turn 3

With what became a trend for the game, the other main herd failed a terror test, as did the Hounds, and the general's unit failed to rally and left the board. The eastern most herd charged the RBT, with the other one in my half charging the archers, taking heavy kills from stand and shoot and failing the subsequent panic test. The final Beast Herd followed the Dark Riders. The Dragon Ogres moved the try follow the Shades and get out of the arc of the Black Guard. In combat, the Warriors broke the Chariot, but failed to catch it. The RBT was destroyed, but the herd opted not to overrun.

One set of Harpies zoomed in to try help protect the Dark Riders while the other chased after the fleeing herd and wizards, catching them and destroying them. The Assassins, Shades and Hydra now all started to gather around the Dragon Ogres, trying to keep out of sight so as to try shoot them down. The Dark Riders in the east charged the fleeing Hounds sending them off the board. The Black Guard turned to face the Herd, trapping them into an oncoming fight. The Warriors approached the fleeing Chariot. The Sorceress left the Black Guard to avoid combat.

Shooting rendered four Gors dead in the west thanks to the archers, with the rest of shooting accounting for very little other than two wounds on the Dragon Ogres and three on the Herd.

Turn 4

The three Herds charged the Dark Riders, archers, and Black Guard respectively. The Dragon Ogres charged the Shades. The Chariot rallied.

In combat the Dark Riders were wiped out, the archers were brought down to seven men and broke but got away. The Black Guard annihilated the herd at the expense of two men. The herd broke and were subsequently run down. The Dragon Ogres managed to only kill one Shade (fluffed it) but the Shades broke. However the Dragon Ogres rolled snake eyes for pursuit roll.

In my turn, the archers rallied while the rest of the army started to move around the take Dave's quarter, as well as get the best vantage points for the last two turns. The Warriors charged the Chariot.

The herd in the south west were reduced to four by the archers while another Dragon Ogre was killed.

In combat the Chariot was destroyed.

Turn 5

As a last move (as the TO shouted for last turn), the herd charged the archers again and the Dragon Ogre charged the Shades again.

Beasts won both fights, the Shades leaving the board but the archers again broke, but again got away.

In my turn I charged everything at the last Dragon Ogres that I could while the archers rallied.

The Sorceress cast a final spell to try and panic the last big herd, but miscast. However, it was of no consequence.

As the final act of the game the Dragon Ogre was cut down and that heralded the second massacre to Chaos.

This game was much more challenging than the first, and Dave was great laugh as usual. I was happy with the game, though I can obviously chalk a hefty chunk of my victory up to his lousy luck with terror tests. So I would stay exactly where I was to face my final opponent.

Game 3 - Niall Gallagher (Daemons of Chaos)

The thought of Daemons didn't daunt me so much after getting some good experience fighting them, however I did feel it could be a challenge. The scenario held a flag in the middle of the table that could not be moved. It could be captured like a table quarter with a 6" radius, and was worth 500pts. Niall's list was roughly as follows. The exceptions are items as usual:

Tzeentch Herald

Slaanesh Herald

Nurgle Herald
Noxious Vapours, BSB, Great Standard of Sundering, Slime Trail

Khorne Herald

5x Flesh Hounds

3x Screamers

20x Bloodletters
Full Command

20x Plaguebearers
Full Command

20x Daemonettes
Full Command

10x Horrors

5x Furies 5x Flamers

So not the best list, but still handy and capable and could have some challenges.

Deployment was as follows:


The Shades scouted in the forest and behind the hill to the left.

His army from left to right is Horrors, Bloodletters with Herald, Plaguebearers with Herald, Flamers, Tzeentch Herald, Daemonettes with Herald, Hounds. Behind are Screamers. There should also be Furies behind the Flamers but I forgot to put them in the diagram.

He rolled Flickering Fire and Gift of Chaos for his Tzeentch Herald. I took Chillwind once more, hoping to nullify the Flamers with it.

Niall rolled first turn.

Turn 1

Very little happening here. The Furies flew out on front to see how eager my army was. The Screamers moved to their right a bit, seeing that side lightly protected. The Flamers moved around the Plaguebearers to hide in the rocks.

Magic had no effect and so it was my turn already.

My Harpies charged the Furies, but not before the Assassins popped out.
The Hydra moved up to the edge of the forest. The Assassin in there left his unit and strolled around the side of the Hounds. The Dark Riders took up the east flank full speed, and the others moved into position between the two hills. The Shades there moved up onto the hill for a better LOS, and the Harpies flew over in front of the Bloodletters.

The Sorceress cast Chillwind at the Plaguebearers, causing one wound. The Assassin and Shades in the east also managed to kill two hounds. Their brethren in the south killed three Horrors, while the Assassin (who had left the unit) killed two Screamers. The Dark Riders and archers then took out a full rank of Bloodletters. The Bolt Thrower then fired killing three Plaguebearers.

In combat the Harpies killed three Furies for nothing in return, but the Furies managed insane courage.

Turn 2

The Plaguebearers and Bloodletters charged the two units of Harpies respectively, one fleeing, while the remaining Screamer performed its slash attack on the Assassin, wounding him. The Flesh Hounds charged the Shades who fled through the woods, leaving the Hounds stuck in there. The Flamers moved to their vantage point, and finally, the Sorcerer moved back to try and magic the Assassin to heaven.

Needless to say from the above, he failed thanks to a scroll. In shooting, the Flamers managed to take down three Black Guard.

In combat the Harpies were easily dispatched. The Furies ended up right on front of the Bolt Thrower.

In my turn, the Warriors and Dark Riders charged the Bloodletters. The Harpies failed to rally and fled the table. The other Dark Riders continued to press around the rear of the Daemon army along with the Assassin while the Shades rallied. The Hydra moved up and perched itself ready to fry Plaguebearers while the Black Guard prepared for the charge.

In shooting, one Assassin killed the Tzeentch Herald, while the other killed a Hound. The Dark Riders shot and missed the Daemonettes. The Shades meanwhile finished off the last Screamer. The Bolt Thrower also took out the Furies. The Hydra let the breath rip, killing no less than seven Plaguebearers with its impressive S5 regeneration killer.

In combat the Dark Riders and Warriors struck wound after wound on the Bloodletters, but Niall had the luck, and only failed one save. He wiped out the Dark Riders, but failed to catch the broken and fleeing Warriors.

Turn 3

The Bloodletters advanced after the Warriors while the Plaguebearers finally initialized the battle for the flag in the dead center, themselves versus the Black Guard. The Hounds got themselves out of the forest, facing the Dark Riders.

In shooting, the Flamers avenged the Plaguebearers by taking three wounds off the Hydra.

In combat, there was a stalemate, with the Nurgle Herald declining a challenge from the Dreadlord.

The Hydra decided the charge into the rear of the Plaguebearers so as to avoid suffering another round of shooting. The Warriors rallied. The Assassins and Shades continued to lurk around the two flanks, with the Dark Riders moving around the rear of the Daemon army.

Shooting saw the Horrors lose two more and the Bloodletters lose 4 more. The last of the Hounds were taken out too along with three Flamers.

In combat, the Herald was killed by the Hydra, and combat resolution saw only one Plaguebearer survive the whole thing (sickener).

Turn 4

The Daemonettes now charged the rear of the Hydra. The Bloodletters charged the archers and took another three casualties to the stand and shoot reaction. The Horrors turned around to face the Shades behind them.

The Flamers took out one of the Assassins with their shooting.

In combat the Bloodletters easily destroyed the archers but their overrun did not take them far enough to avoid the Warriors charge arc. The Black Guard killed the last Plaguebearer, while the Hydra fought on against the Daemonettes, winning and turning around, as well as some 'Nettes dying to CR.

In my turn, the Dreadlord charged out of the unit and into the Daemonettes. The Warriors flank charged the Bloodletters also. The rest of the units did their usual skulking about.

Shooting saw one Horror and one Flamer go. Not a great result!

The Dreadlord issued another challenge which was again refused. Unfortunately, the Daemonettes managed to kill the Hydra, his masters fleeing the combat but the Dreadlord getting insane courage and holding.
In the other combat, the Bloodletters were overwhelmed between wounds and CR.

Turn 5

With their PD gone, the Horrors charged the Shades, taking two wounds to S&S.

In shooting, the Flamers managed to kill the other Assassin, happy to see the scourge gone.

In combat the Dreadlord took his first wound of the day but managed to kill some daemons too. In an act of God almost, he rolled insane courage again. The Horrors only killed one Shade and were consequently cut down.

In what would be the last turn of the game, the Black Guard charged in to help their Lord.

The Dark Riders and Shades took it upon themselves to take out the last Flamers while also securing table quarters.

Now standing on the flag, the Black Guard cut a swathe through the Daemonettes, killing every single last one.

And so that was game, a third victory for Chaos, taking a whopping 3100VP thanks to the flag.

And so after it was all said and done, I was delighted to find out I took first place by a god margin.

Looking back, I am both happy with my playing and, more importantly, my list. It proved that even without the cheesy stuff, a good build can still be rock hard. Just the Assassins alone make it a tough adversary and I look forward to the GT in May.

Anyway, that is the end of that, hope you all enjoyed the report.


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