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Bloghammer - Life and Trials continue

December 20th - Ogre Kingdoms

Today was the last game. I went in expecting Vampire Counts, but my opponent fell asleep as he was leaving the house, so I played the local Ogre player instead. I made a slight alteration on the previous list, dropping the Favour of the Gods and the Mark of Slaanesh on the Sorcerer for a Slaanesh Mark for my second Chariot.

My opponent brought the following list (roughly):

Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Heavy Armour, Look-out Gnoblar

Brahmir Statue

4x Leadbelhcers

6x Bulls
Ironfists, Full Command

4x Ironguts
Full Command

4x Ironguts
Full Command

4x Ironguts
Full Command

25x Gnoblars

10x Trappers


For spells I rolled all the Tzeentch spells except Treason, rolling Fiery Blast on the book. The other Sorcerer chose the Lore of Fire, rolling Fireball and Fiery Blast.

The table was set up with two hills to the west and two forests to the east, one of each in either deployment zone.

He set up Bulls, Guts with Butcher, Guts with Tyrant, Guts, Gnoblars, Leadbelchers. Trappers scouted behind the forest.

I set up Flail Horsemen, Hellcannon on the hill, Marauders behind the hill, Knights screened by Hounds, Chariot, Sorcerer, Exalted Hero, Chariot, Knights screened by Hounds, Sorcerer Lord, Spear Horsemen.

I rolled first turn.

Note I cannot remember all the details of this game exactly so some things may be amiss.

Turn 1

The Hounds and Horsemen all moved full speed ahead, with Knights moving only to keep up with the Chariots, and so as to stay out of the Ogres charge range. The Exalted flew over to the Gnoblars' flank.

With magic, one of the Tyrants Ironguts was killed by a Fiery Blast and one of the Butcher's by Gateway.

The Hellcannon misfired, rolling a six, thus killing an Irongut, but being unable to shoot again.

The Trappers charged the Horsemen, but the rest of the Ogres stayed put, with only the Gnoblar's and Leadbelchers moving.

One of the Butchers spells went off but had no effect, yet he took a wound for his troubles.

The Trappers attacked the Horsemen, killing two, who killed only one back, losing combat, and fleeing the field, the Gnoblars uninterested in running after them.

Turn 2

Chaos declared no charges, not willing to take any risks. Instead they shuffled onward and redeployed, ready for a full on charge next turn. The Exalted flew around the back of the Ironguts.

Magic fell another 2 Ironguts from the Tyrants unit, as well as three Gnoblars, and finally another Ogre from the Butcher's unit.

The Bloodcurdling Roar disposed of two more Gnoblars, while the Hellcannon's crew sulked about the impotency of their machine.

The Gnoblars were the only charges this turn, taking their chances at the Hounds, who fled, leading them right up to the Trappers. The Leadbelchers closed in on Me'leth, thinking him to be an easy target. With a sudden surprise, a Gorger appeared behind the Chaos lines, making a beeline for the Chariot.

The Ogres had a lucky stroke of magic, getting Bonecrusher with irresistible force, its 2D6 S2 hits killing four Knights thanks to it avoiding armour saves.

The only shooting came from the Trappers, who shot the crap out of the Hounds, only to do a single wound however. The Great Maw was displeased.

Turn 3

Chaos decided to have some fun finally. The disk rider and the Knights charged into the Ironguts, with the lone Knight and both Chariots charging the Tyrant's unit. However, the Knight didn't make it. The Hellcannon went berserk, charging the unsuspecting Gorger.

Magic was colourful to say the least, with another of the Butcher's boys dying before Me'leth miscast. He rolled a four and took a S6 hit, however, came out unscathed.

With no shooting to speak of, combat was ahead. The Knights and Exalted Champion made short work of the Ironguts, killing three, with the last one not in contact to attack back due to the challenge. He was run down and his banner taken, the Knights stopping at the board edge while the hero restrained himself. The Chariots' impact hits killed the last 'Gut, and dealt two wounds to the Tyrant, however, the crew failed to finish him off, and so he smashed up one of the Chariots with his Tenderiser. The Hellcannon failed to wound the Gorger unfortunately as the Beast ate two of its crew. However, both units were unbreakable and would be locked in combat until one was dead.

In the Ogre turn, the Butcher and his last Irongut charged the hounds who held, and the Bulls charged the Horsemen, who fled out of range.

No magic was successful, and only one Hounds fell to shooting, so it was straight to combat, where the Butcher made mince meat of the Hounds, and the Tyrant smashed up the last Chariot. The Butcher then overran into the lone Knight. The Hellcannon succeeded in leaving the Gorger on its last wound.

Turn 4

With grim determination and malevolence in his eyes, the Exalted Champion took on the Tyrant, while the Hounds charged the Trappers, who failed to do any damage with their stand and shoot reaction. The Horsemen also rallied and zipped around the Bulls' flank.

Magic only succeeded in wounding a Leadbelcher once this turn.

In combat, the Hounds killed two Trappers, but were beat and run down. In the challenge, the Exalted Hero easily dispatched the Tyrant, gaining an additional +1 to his armour save for his efforts. The lone Knight was finally cut down by the Butcher who overran toward Me'leth. The Hellcannon cut down the Gorger.

The Butcher then declared a charge on the Tzeentch Sorcerer, who fled the monster. The next Gorger came on right behind the Knights, who now desperately needed a way out. The Leadbelchers moved up full speed, realizing that the Bulls were now alone on the western flank with the Exalted Champion and the Hellcannon. The Bulls also realized they were in trouble, and so turned to face to oncoming chargers.

The Trappers shot at Me'leth, but had no luck wounding him.

Turn 5

With several threats arising, the Chaos forces took action. The Knights charged the Leadbelchers, taking 2 wounds from their 40 shots as they charged, but failing both saves. The Horsemen, Hellcannon and hero charged the Bulls, and Me'leth rallied.

Transmorg. was cast on the Gnoblars but dispelled, and a Fiery Blast from the other Sorcerer killed the Butcher's last ogre.

In combat the Bulls were easily disposed of, as were the Leadbelchers, but in a Horseman and a Knight were killed in the process. The Knights then overran into the back of the Butcher.

With nothing else to do, the Trappers charged Me'leth, but in combat a stalemate was fought as Me'leth killed on of them.

Turn 6

With little to do, the Horsemen moved to take a table quarter and the Exalted Hero moved within roaring distance of the Gorger.

Magic saw off another three Gnoblars, but then Me'leth mscast again. He rolled the same result, taking one wound, but actually doing three wounds to the Trappers, meaning the miscast helped more than anything. The roar proved unsuccessful against the Gorger, only doing one wound.

In combat Me'leth easily dispatched the last two Trappers, but the Knights and the Butcher fought to a stalemate again.

For the final turn of the game, the Knights' combat with Butcher took place immediately. The Gods must have been watching, as the Knights dealt five wounds to the ogre, he saving only one thanks to casting Trollguts on himself in the magic phase.

With that the game ended and a massacre for Chaos.


So that wraps up this weeks Warhammer exploits. The only thing I am unsure of right now in the list is what lore to use with the second Sorcerer, go with Slaanesh's move spells, or Fire/Death's damage spells? Or something completely different. Ideas?

It was certainly a week of learning experiences, and I feel I know my army much better now. Let's hope the streak continues for Warpcon. Only 34 more days to go biggrin.gif

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