Monday, October 14, 2013

The Witchblade

About a month ago, right in the midst of my work on the ABF 2013 Challenge, Johno of the Wild Serpent blog approached me about doing a joint Eldar blog with himself and another Irish Eldar player, Mike Tangney from Voidhunters, called the Witchblade. Though I was extremely busy at the time, I accepted his offer with the stipulation that I would have to finish my ABF Challenge before contributing anything to the blog.

You guys may also remember that in my last post here, I promised you all a report from NWG. As it turns out, I am still rather busy with other non-game related things, and so don't have time before Gaelcon at the end of the month to write up a full on 5 post battle report complete with maps and images. As such, I decided to make my first contribution to the Witchblade by posting up a brief report on the event.

I would encourage all of you to hit up the Witchblade blog and subscribe, as we will be adding some killed articles over the coming months as we really bring it to its feet. The post I made can be found here, so please, head over, read, comment, subscribe, and all that jazz. Your Craftworld needs you!

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  1. If you stopped haven a go at me over on w-ired Jay you'd have more time for blogging lol